Reelskin 2nds ideal to practice on but just not the correct shape or consistancy

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Customer Reviews


“Having tried multiple skin types that i purchased online, I find the Reel Skin products excellent when it comes to applying the stencil, and tattooing on them. Either I am doing line practice with Mandala stuff, or portrait and realism, the response to the needle is amazing and I can really feel the control.I had some older skins in my home from other manufacturers, and I tried them, but could not work on those anymore, since dealing with ReelSkin.I will be tattooing real skin in February for the first time, and I can only thank ReelSkin for helping with the most skin like products.”

Creative Director Youtattoo Ltd

“I’ve used a lot of cheaper fake skins and hated them all. Thought I’d take a punt on the pricier skin from reel skin and couldn’t recommend it highly enough to anyone starting out tattooing. Stencils stay on and more importantly wipe off (something that doesn’t happen with cheap skins)so you can see your work without the stencil outlines when it’s finished. Colour and lines go in great, you can stretch it out like skin and it’s thick enough that the needles don’t go straight through. It’s been a game changer for me learning how to tattoo. 10/10.”


“I have used nearly all fake skins on the market, from chines cheap things to expensive ones, from pound of flesh, to pig skin, but never have I seen something like this ! I loved using Reelskin to learn how to tattoo! It’s the best type of silicone skin I’ve ever used – feels a lot like real human skin to me – and I’ll definitely recommend it to friends for learning or practice! Thank you for this amazing product and I’ll definitely order more!”