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.....Said to be the most realistic in the world.

We have tried and tested a few different companies and the quality of this skin is easily the best ive ever worked on (apart from actual skin) and will order reelskin from now on.    


Reelskin Review

Subject Reelskin

Message Hy paul! I just Wanted to give you a small review to your products. I have used nearly all fake skins on the market, from chines cheap things to expensive ones, from pound of flesh, to pig skin, but never have I seen something like this ! Unbelievable! This is really fantastic! Thank you guys for spending your time to work this out! Kindest regards

Gesendet am: 5 May, 2018

Danke! Nadine zöhrer


"Reelskin is 100% the best synthetic tattoo practise skin on the market. What really grabbed my attention was that it stretches just like human skin does, which sets it apart from any other product out there. So after tattooingsmelly pig skin, grapefruits and myself.. I was eager to try it out, and was blown away by how similar it was to human skin. Applying the stencil was very easy, and only took 40 minutes to dry (unlike most other products which take 24 hours) and holds on theskin very well. The ink wipes away easily leaving your work looking clean and professional. I highly recommend this product to anyone, whether you're an apprentice like myself learning to tattoo or even a professional who wants to try out new styles or techniques.Dec VaughanCerberus Tattoos"

Thank you for offer and a great Price Paul. I absolutely love your products and I preach about it to everyone. It took my skills to the next level, hands down. . I wrap reel skin on half used paper towel roll and this gives me “reals angles of approach to play with.  Here is some work Ive done so far on reel skin. As I’ve said before, it changed everything for me. I wish I came across it 4 years ago. Dmitri Sobczak