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Skin use advice:

Use shiny side for line practice

Use matt side for artwork (recommended side)

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Awesome product this practice skin is as close to the real thing as it gets.

We have tried and tested a few different companies and the quality of this skin is easily the best ive ever worked on (apart from actual skin) and will order reelskin from now on.


Excellent product only bad thing is I didnt order enough lol its absolutely ridiculous how good it actually is thanks for your service.

David Quesenberry



"I’ve used a lot of cheaper fake skins and hated them all. Thought I’d take a punt on the pricier skin from reel skin and couldn’t recommend it highly enough to anyone starting out tattooing. Stencils stay on and more importantly wipe off (something that doesn’t happen with cheap skins)so you can see your work without the stencil outlines when it’s finished. Colour and lines go in great, you can stretch it out like skin and it’s thick enough that the needles don’t go straight through. It’s been a game changer for me learning how to tattoo. 10/10."

-Paddy Carey, Creative Director Youtattoo Ltd


"Hi guys, I loved using Reelskin to learn how to tattoo! It’s the best type of silicone skin I’ve ever used - feels a lot like real human skin to me - and I’ll definitely recommend it to friends for learning or practice! Thank you for this amazing product and I’ll definitely order more!"



"I saw several reviews for your product before purchasing. It was everything I hoped for. The best practice skins on the market. Thank you" 

-Jerry B


"I recently starting tattooing and before I found reelskin I was practicing on what can only be described as a thin layer of hard plastic that I brought from tattoo stores. It wasnt stretchy and didnt resemble skin at all. I'm so pleased I found reelskin! Its stretchy and as the feel of real skin and holds the stencil so well, as well has holding the colour of ink. I will be buying more in the future. I'm saving the arm and hand until I feel more comfortable with tattooing so for now I'm using the flat sheet pieces. The bundle I brought was definitely worth the money as you get a lot of skin to practise on! Paul was an absolute pleasure to do business with. Very helpful when I phoned and the bundle arrived in good time! Thank you Paul! I will definitely be back for more when my bundle has run out!"

-Toni Carvalho


Reel skin is seriously no joke the best that is available right now, I've tried the shitty plastic skin, pig skin, fruits and also myself (haha) and I didn't realise how far I had learned until I was able to practice expecially my black and grey realism on Reelskin! The relief that I finally found something other than myself to work on !! I couldn't practice black and grey on anything else as either the stencil wouldn't stick, or the stencil wouldn't come off or the tattoo ink would seep into the skin (pig skin) and make it look dirty or just plain wouldn't come of.. (plastic skin). Reel skin is a game changer and I'm so grateful for getting such a great deal as well, I will be preaching about Reel skin to everyone I know and the customer service is just 5 stars, I haven't experienced a better company or product. If you haven't tried it, try it. It will change your tattooing game.

-Larissa Ho


"I have used nearly all fake skins on the market, from chines cheap things to expensive ones, from pound of flesh, to pig skin, but never have I seen something like this ! I loved using Reelskin to learn how to tattoo! It’s the best type of silicone skin I’ve ever used - feels a lot like real human skin to me - and I’ll definitely recommend it to friends for learning or practice! Thank you for this amazing product and I’ll definitely order more!"

-Nadine zöhrer


"Reelskin is 100% the best synthetic tattoo practise skin on the market. What really grabbed my attention was that it stretches just like human skin does, which sets it apart from any other product out there. So after tattooing smelly pig skin, grapefruits and myself.. I was eager to try it out, and was blown away by how similar it was to human skin. Applying the stencil was very easy, and only took 40 minutes to dry (unlike most other products which take 24 hours) and holds on the skin very well. The ink wipes away easily leaving your work looking clean and professional. I highly recommend this product to anyone, whether you're an apprentice like myself learning to tattoo or even a professional who wants to try out new styles or techniques."

-Dec Vaughan Cerberus Tattoos


"Thank you for offer and a great Price Paul. I absolutely love your products and I preach about it to everyone. It took my skills to the next level, hands down. . I wrap reel skin on half used paper towel roll and this gives me “reals angles of approach to play with. As I’ve said before, it changed everything for me. I wish I came across it 4 years ago."

-Dmitri Sobczak 


"Best fake skin I have used and its really helping me with my apprenticeship! Feel like I make gains each time.." 

-Sam mithcell 


"The skin is a really good product. Beats all the others I’ve used and will definitely recommend you and will be buying more soon. Definitely give you 5 stars plus."



"Thank you so much for such a brilliant product. A great way to reduce waste and give us a discount at the same time. The pieces are all fabulous quality too and the shapes are easy to work with."

-Mrs. Jo Jackson 


"Absolutely brilliant, totally different level from the fake skin I was using before. I was that impressed, I ordered the big bundle

I absolutely love this stuff! Got a free A5 sample piece (just paid shipping) and as soon as it arrived I could tell by the feel of it that it was going to be alot better than any of the other cheaper stuff I had tried already. I only just started learning to tattoo a couple of months ago, done a bit on my thigh which made me realise it was nothing like tattooing the cheap rubbery fake skin I had practiced on. Reelskin however is a game changer! It stretches, takes the stencil and the ink well, the stencil comes off afterwards and the ink doesnt stain and smudge all over when you wipe it leaving you with nice clean work when your done, the cheaper ones had ink smudged all over the place, and some of the stencil wouldn't come off if I had left it on a while...

I will most certainly be using this for all my practice from now on.

Ordered a bundle with an Arm, Hand and some more sheets of the stuff. Definitely worth the extra money for a quality product, I can't praise it enough. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to tattoo, or to professionals wanting to display their work.

Thanks Reelskin, makes everything alot easier in regards to learning."

-Gav - Wannabe Tattooer 


"Its so glad i got it, it feels exactly like real skin, I've been using to practice microblading,( stroke dept )and other PMU techniques.. I tried so many different latexs' and yes latex is great for pattern practice, but if you want to be able to actually feel what its like to tattoo skin, then you should be using this skin, nothing has come close, except pig skin and nobody wants to do that

I use with a plastic head, just sit skin on it and practice like you would on real client. Skin is strechable, again feels very like real skin, so i was able to improve my strecthing technique..Brilliant learning aid for me. Will definitly get more"


Please note due to manufacturing process (all products are hand made) all sizes are approximate and thickness may vary to a small degree.